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Is Mental Health Covered Under A Health Protection Policy

It has been long been a general misconception that if you have an income protection policy in place that this is to cover any physical sickness or injury that you may have suffered. Loss of income due to mental health issues isn’t a natural association when accident and sickness cover is generally advertised or discussed but the truth is that the protection industry has been very adaptive to the effects of mental health over recent years.

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) itself states recent figures show that 1 in 4 is affected by mental health each year and that mental health is one of the leading claims for income protection. The protection industry does recognise the significance of diagnosed conditions of stress, anxiety, and depression and there is an ever-growing number of health insurance policies that provide cover for such illnesses. The mental health element of an income protection policy just as with any form of cover needs to be carefully reviewed to ensure it provides the right level of cover to meet your individual circumstance.

Given the ongoing repercussions of the Covid-19 outbreak and the ramifications this is expected to have on the mental and financial wellbeing of populations it’s safe to assume that including a mental health element within any new or renewed health policy should be considered. Providers of health cover have as said upped their mental health offerings over recent years and in the wake of the pandemic, a number have also provided additional services. To ensure clients well being can be met numerous insurers are providing services to deal with current and potential mental health spikes from 24/7 telephone access to health experts, private hospital health cover, counseling services, access to specialist mental health accommodation, quicker diagnosis relating to addictions due to mental health and more. 

Protecting your whole family’s mental well being can also be done as putting in place the right family health cover can ensure not just the adults on the policy have access to mental health protection but younger members of the family do also. Take note to review any policy with great detail before purchasing, while many family policies will include the mental health element as standard a percentage will not or at least there may be an age restriction for this element of the cover.

Proactive steps to prevention is one of the significant areas that providers are looking to facilitate especially given the additional measures they are employing during the currently restricted access to GP’s. Vitality for instance has really embraced online video GP consultations over recent months with their app now offering such a service built-in which is part of the Core Cover in all to their plans and which has been Care Quality Commission approved. This online offering along with the highlighted benefits above included in numerous health cover plans is just a brief look into the solutions providers are now including in the mental health element of income protection to protect a client’s mental well being.

Should you be looking to protect yourself or your loved ones from the harmful effects of mental health when coming to renew or starting your first income protection plan then Simply Cover can help locate the best policies to meet your individual needs. There is more choice than ever when it comes to mental health cover and if your unsure what is available then speak to us today for assistance: 0800 048 9248